Tourist bicycle routes in Sweden

There are plenty of signed bicycle routes for tourists in Sweden – aside from the main route Sverigeleden, there is an assortment of regional and local routes. Below, you can find short descriptions of each regional route, along with SCS’s quality assessment (as detailed here).


A wide-spanning network
Several of the regional routes are maintained by SCS. These routes have similar signage, creating a country-wide route network in combination with Sverigeleden.


* = SCS-maintained routes

A number of regional routes have degraded over time, to the point where they are no longer deemed usable. Some signage may remain of these, but they are not being maintained.

These routes include Ginstleden (Halland), Cykelspåret Västkusten, Cykelspåret Ostkusten, Skånespåret, Höglandstrampen, GG-leden (Gislaved–Gnosjö), Bergslagsrundan, Tivedsrundan, Kilsbergsrundan, C 55-an (Enköping–Uppsala), Värmlandsleden and Djulöleden (Sörmland).


Local routes are generally shorter and more suited for day trips; see Lokala leder for more information.